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We are a professional, highly trained and reliable pet care company serving Erie, Colorado.


Poopanators LLC, offers professional pet care services to domestic animals including cats, dogs, small animals, reptiles and fish.   We are a full service pet care agency focusing on the professional care of all domestic animals. Our sitters are certified CPR, have experience in administering injection medication, working with pets with anxiety and fear issues by using FearFree methods and so much more. We use easy and user friendly scheduling software to manage and allow clients to schedule and update their pets and the care needed.  The software allows our staff of sitters to learn about each of our clients, communicate with staff including clients and manage their schedules for our busy pet care agency.   

Why hire Poopanators pet care services vs the kid next door? 



Hiring a professional pet care provider versus having a neighbor or kid care for your pets comes with several important differences. Here are some key considerations:​​

Experience and Expertise

Professional Pet Care Provider: A professional pet care provider typically has experience, knowledge, and training in animal care. They may have certifications in areas such as pet first aid, behavior, and training. They are more likely to have a deeper understanding of different animal species, their needs, and how to handle various situations.

Neighbor or Kid: A neighbor or kid may not have the same level of experience or expertise in caring for pets. While they might be well-intentioned, they might not be familiar with specific needs, behaviors, or potential issues that can arise with pets.

Accountability and Responsibility

Professional Pet Care Provider:   Professionals take their responsibilities seriously and are more likely to follow your instructions meticulously. They may have liability insurance to cover any potential accidents or issues that may occur while caring for your pets.

Neighbor or Kid: While they might have good intentions, a neighbor or kid might not have the same level of accountability. In case of accidents or problems, it might be more challenging to address and resolve any issues that arise.

Emergency Preparedness

Professional Pet Care Provider:  Professionals are more likely to have protocols in place for handling emergencies, including knowing how to respond to medical crises, natural disasters, or other unexpected situations.

Neighbor or Kid: They might not be adequately prepared to handle emergencies, which could lead to delays or inadequate responses in critical situations.

Reliability and Availability

Professional Pet Care Provider: Professionals often have a structured schedule and can provide consistent care for your pets. They are more likely to be available during specific hours and can accommodate your needs, even if you have a busy or irregular schedule.


Neighbor or Kid: Depending on their own commitments and availability, a neighbor or kid might not be as reliable or consistent. They may have limitations in terms of when they can care for your pets, potentially leading to gaps in care.

Specialized Care and Knowledge

Professional Pet Care Provider:  If your pet has specific medical needs, behavioral issues, or requires specialized care (such as administering medications or managing chronic conditions), a professional pet care provider is more likely to have the knowledge and skills to handle these situations.

Neighbor or Kid: They might not have the expertise to handle specialized care, which could potentially put your pet's health or well-being at risk.

Peace of Mind

Professional Pet Care Provider:  Hiring a professional pet care provider can offer peace of mind, knowing that your pets are in capable hands and receiving the best possible care, even when you're not around.

Neighbor or Kid: While they may genuinely care for your pets, there may be more uncertainty and potential stress for both you and your pets due to the lack of professional expertise and consistency.

Ultimately, the decision between hiring a professional pet care provider and relying on a neighbor or kid depends on your pets' specific needs, your comfort level, and the level of care and attention you want for your furry companions.

The business originated in the suburb of Orland Park, Illinois in December of 2006. Over the years Poopanators LLC has successfully grown and expanded its services from Chicago to the beautiful state of Colorado.  We proudly serve our local community of Erie, Colorado.  We take pride in supporting our community not only in pet care needs, but also providing employment opportunities, supporting our local schools, small businesses and their growth within our local chamber and by participating in our local town events.


Our mission is to provide professional, reliable and trustworthy pet care with the services we offer to our clients.

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We are currently serving Erie, Colorado.

Our staff is CPR and First Aid certified. We are experienced in providing pets medical assistance, including working with conditions such as ACL tears, rehabilitation recovery, cancer, diabetes, blindness and deafness. We can also assist with injecting medication. 



Boarding is ideal for happy low energy pups that enjoy having other humans and pets around in the absence of their favorite humans. Poopanators offers boarding to clients pets within our home kennel setting. This service includes lots of individual love by our Poopanators family and staff.  A private clean crate, outdoor yard time, walks if permitted, feedings and freshwater, treats if permitted, playtime and socialization with our family, pet and other boarding clients, and rest time.  We operate on a firm schedule to keep all pups in a routine while boarding within our family home.  All boarding clients must be able to rest in a crate while unsupervised. We do not board more than 2 dogs at one time. We do not accept any dogs over 65 pounds or any prey driven or agressive behaviors such as food or object.


All dogs must be able to walk on a leash and potty on a leash.  We do not allow any off leash while in our care.  All dogs are required at all times to wear collar/harness with identification tags and assigned pet tracker.




Does your pet need someone to keep them company in the comforts of their own home while you are away? Drop in visits for pet sitting provides a 30 minute visit to the pets home. This service includes a potty break in the yard, feeding, refresh of water, litter box cleaning, rotation of lights/window treatments, plant care, and retrieval of mail and packages. Lots of TLC, play and grooming if your pet allows.

Services are offered between





30 minutes



Cat sitting offers your beloved cats the comforts of having one of our pet care specialists available to spend time in their home with daily companionship while you are away.  Our services are provide for 30 minutes and include feeding, refresh of water, cleaning the litter box and rotation of lights/window treatment, plant care and retrieval of mail and packages. Lots of TLC, play and grooming if your pet allows.

Cat sitting services are offered 

between 6am-9am,

6pm -9pm daily.


30 minute



All Poopanator client accounts must have an active credit card on file to request services.  Any services requested without a credit card on file will not be confirmed.  


Pet sitting/Cat sitting requested visits at time of booking will be charged a 25% non refundable deposit taken on credit card on file.  Remaining balance will be collected 48 hours prior to services beginning.  Holiday visit requests will be collected 50% non refundable deposit at time of confirming and remaining balance will be collected two weeks prior to services beginning.  


Boarding requested at time of booking a 50% non refundable deposit will be collected on credit card on file.  Remaining balance will be collected 48 hours prior to services beginning. Holiday reservations will be collected 2 weeks prior to services beginning. 

All prices are subject to change.

Cancellation Policy


Boarding/Cat Sitting/Pet Care visits cancellation policy 48 hours prior to services beginning and holiday requests 2 weeks prior to services beginning. All cancellations requested must be email communication via the Precise client portal. Early arrivals home from trips will not be credited to the client account. 




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415 orion circle Erie, CO 80516
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5

Daily Visit Hours 6am -9pm

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