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Team Members

Jen Merritt aka (Auntie Jen)

Jen Merritt aka (Auntie Jen)

Owner OG of Pet Care

Our company owner and founder, Jennifer Merritt, has an extensive business background. Jen is originally from Chicago, Illinois with a business degree in business administration and a minor in marketing.  Over the years she has successfully assisted in the growth of multiple pet care businesses across the United States.  Shortly after graduating at the top of her class she took on the position as the Vice President of Investigative services agency, a private investigation and security firm focused on serving the community and protecting its clients. During an investigation protecting the community from an endangered monkey, along with her volunteer work within the local animal shelter in her hometown, sparked the entrepreneur spirit within her to start her own pet care company.  The focus has always been to constantly be educating and growing within our local community to give the BEST professional pet care services to our clients and provide a fun and safe workplace environment for our staff to come to everyday. 

In January of 2021, on the horizon of a pandemic our family was relocated to the Denver, Colorado area for her husband’s employment and the family dream to live in an active and beautiful outdoor friendly state.  While overseeing operations of Poopanators Chicago, Jen began scoping out for her family to lay roots down and grow within a community.  Her husband, being a pilot, fell in love with the Erie flying community; the appeal of Erie’s small town along with the mountain views made it very easy to decide Erie was where the family would lay roots down personally and professionally for our next expansion of Poopanators pet care services. 

Currently, Jennifer serves as an ambassador for our local Erie Chamber of Commerce.  Her focus serving on the chamber is to be actively involved in seeing our community grow within a positive and uplifting environment. Her smile and the willingness to always help remains a positive influence on other local business owners.

The current office is located within the Merritt residential home of Colliers Hill subdivision of Erie, Colorado. This block of fun, loving and supportive neighbors we refer to as the OC.  Our home is always filled up with love for our mighty and tiny 3 pound Teacup Yorkie, Cubby.  He rules the roost and all the dogs and children that come into our home to visit.  If a client pup passes the boarding meet and greet within our home, he or she is loved on just like our own bundle of fur.

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